butterfliesHerb and Butterfly Apple Baskets

Annie’s Garden Shed signature containers are our Butterfly Garden in an Apple Basket and our Six Culinary Herbs in an Apple Basket.

The Butterfly Basket is a full- fledged butterfly garden.  Butterfly Gardens are a wonderful and rewarding way to celebrate nature’s wild beauty. These butterfly garden are chock full of larval host and adult nectar butterfly plants, necessary for a successful butterfly garden. This gorgeous basket is a feast of color for the eyes as well a feast for caterpillars and butterflies! We include Mexican milkweed, lantana, pentas, salvias, and many other wonderful plants that attract all kinds of pollinators for enjoyment and to make your yard, patio, or balcony a special place. This container garden brings so much joy to its owner and is especially fun to share with children!

The Herb Basket is a culinary delight! You can choose your six favorite herbs that you like to cook with or go with a combination that Annie’s suggests; either way you cannot go wrong. This basket is perfect for growing large healthy plants that will continue to produce prolifically for wonderful dishes that are enhanced with fresh herbs. We also add a few flowers, preferably edible ones to make this basket even more gorgeous. If you enjoy cooking or have someone in your life that does this is the perfect container garden!