Fairy Garden Supplies

Let your imagination go!  We can help supply you with all of the items you need to create a magical fairy garden. From French Chateaus, whimsical mushroom houses, thatched roof cottages, and more, we can help you find the perfect homes for your frolicsome garden fairies.  You could even add trellises, arbors, gazebos, and fencing to create an enchanting retreat. Windmills, garden gates, and birdbaths can all be found in miniature size for the playful garden fairies.  Keep your fairies busy and out of mischief with bicycles, croquet sets, and swings. The fairies will also need wheelbarrows and garden tools to tend to their gardens. This is just a mere suggestion of all the whimsical items we can help you with for those merry little fairies! Don’t forget that stones, moss, and Ittie Bittie plants are also important features for your miniature garden landscape. Call us at 813-943-7433 to help you bring these rascally little fairies into your life is a fun treat for yourself and makes a unique gift for someone special!

IMGP6476  IMGP6440 Fairy on Bench fairy garden 2014IMGP6481