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  1. Andy is a passionate gardener, pleasant to work with and very creative. He runs his business well, showing up on his scheduled date and works 2-3 hours per visit. He brings in new seasonal plants and our exterior and interior patio area are alive with beautiful plants. He maintains them well and we will continue using his services. I would recommend his services as we receive many compliments.

  2. Katie H says:

    Andrew does a wonderful job bringing color and variety to my front porch planters. He is professional, friendly, and supportive of our local community. Annie’s donated several beautiful flowering container gardens to our school’s Fall Festival. I would highly recommend Annie’s Garden Shed for all of your container gardening needs!

  3. Sherry Benson says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Annie’s Garden Shed for over 10 years and fully endorse them! Their work is amazing and creative. They consistently engage with you to ensure your likes and dislikes are taken into consideration and that your goals & objectives are met. Their expertise allows them to guide you toward plants that will work best for your area. In addition, their work standards are the best! They keep their commitments and arrive when promised. They are a pleasure to work with, are honest and do a fabulous job!

  4. Barbara Cepelak says:

    I have worked with Annies Garden Shed for years. Andrew has always been very professional and a pleasure to deal with. And of course does beautiful container gardens. Looking forward to my next round of spring flowers.

  5. Susie Bracken says:

    Annie’s Garden Shed has been helping to make my home beautiful for 8 years. Andrew is a very talented and creative gardener. I look forward to seeing the newest creations this Spring. I highly recommend Annie’s Garden Shed!

  6. Elaine says:

    I’ve worked with Annie’s Garden Shed for over 5 years and feel lucky that there is such a great gardening service in our area.

    Andrew not only accommodates my personal preferences but adds his creative touch to make the yard and containers look GREAT.

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